We build organizational cultures of accountability. It is a
Herculean task.

Therefore, we chose carefully who we partner with. We partner with organizations we feel are up to the challenge of transforming their culture and who have leaders committed to the endeavor. Why? Because we’ve learned that’s what it takes for your success and ours. We don’t want to waste your money or our time.

We gather data, use assessment tools, establish performance metrics and set new expectations and standards of performance for your organization.

We deliver the appropriate action-based language frameworks through workshops, coaching and consulting that drive measurable results.

We work with underperforming teams, departments and/or entire organizations.

Our intention is for your organization to significantly increase individual, team and organizational accountability and execution. In order to do this, we need to get to know you. We ask a lot of questions, we listen and then choose a well- defined path that best fits your organization and budget.

We deliver well-planned strategies, training and coaching around simple accountability frameworks that result in measurable outcomes. More importantly, we don’t leave. We’re there throughout the process and beyond. We are committed to your success.

  • “I am delighted to offer an endorsement of the seminar we experienced led by Jody Michael.  We found the Conversations for Accountability to be of great value to our organization, providing common language, shared experience and heightened awareness and sensitivity in our institutional work.
    Our staff has benefited from having the productive dialogue and the work in the seminar has encouraged greater, more thoughtful communication.  Our organization is extremely proud of its high standard of customer service to our patrons and Jody’s seminar increases our internal productivity and customer service as well.  We have only just begun our work together with this new ‘language’ but we are already seeing how it has been of great value for us in our professional as well as personal lives.”
    — Deborah Rutter, President, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • “We are very frugal when it comes to spending money and want to make sure we get value. So, it speaks volumes that our company has used Jody Michael as our business consultant, executive coach, leadership development trainer and corporate culture shaper for over five years.
    She challenges us, shapes our leadership capabilities, offers invaluable guidance, and ’just in time’ learning that continually pays dividends. She’s more than a consultant or coach; she’s part of our ‘family.’ 
    Over the years, we’ve grown tremendously as a company. We’ve grown in size, accountability, culture, leadership capability, and in our vision. She’s been there coaching, consulting and shaping us since the beginning. We would highly recommend her to any organization, large or small.”
    — Aaron Gitler, CEO; Neena Vlamis, President, A & N Mortgage