Leadership Development

Accelerating the leadership growth of your leaders to more effectively deliver business objectives is one of the most powerful investments you can make for your organization.

We specialize in transforming individual leaders and leadership teams in approaches that are designed to help organizations attain
a measurable return-on-investment through performance and
cultural shifts.

Our process encompasses four targeted areas:

  • Self We start at the core of the individual leader or leadership team. Who you are, how you think and ‘see,’ what you believe, how authentic, courageous and self-aware you are, and how effectively you manage your energy and the energy of others … all factor heavily into your capacity to lead.
  • Influence How flexible you are in adapting your leadership style, how you inspire, influence and develop your team, how effectively you gain buy-in, and whether a foundation of trust and respect anchors your leadership are important areas that we help cultivate.
  • Performance To help you significantly impact your organizational results we look at what you do, how you do it, your standards, focus, accountability measurements, management of priorities and strategies, communication skills, belief in your team’s capabilities and your effectiveness in adapting and leading change.
  • Vision To stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace requires vision, strategic thinking, belief in aligned collaboration and sophisticated leadership. Together, we create a catalyst for fresh perspectives, deeper trust and accountability–based leadership that inspires passion around bigger missions and deeper shared purpose.

Simple, systemic and powerful: We build leaders from the inside out. This comprehensive approach builds competitively sustainable organizations.

Our learning engagements use a myriad of formats: structured, experiential and individual development all designed to expand individual and team perspective and capacity.

  • “Jody was skilled at helping me identify business solutions that helped my global organization and my own work’s focus. This, combined with the time to reflect on personal priorities and hopes for the future, made my time with Jody extremely valuable. I was referred to Jody by a fellow Kellogg Business School alum whom I respect greatly; the end result for this person of working with Jody was a significant change in professional and personal focus that helped them realize one of their life’s dreams. Consulting time spent with Jody Michael is time well invested.”
    — Beth Houle, Chief of Staff, Opportunity International
  • “One day I realized that I was thinking differently, seeing differently, acting differently and perceiving differently. For me, it happened in what seemed like a blink of the eye. In fact, it had been months of participation in a leadership development initiative that my company spearheaded with Jody Michael Associates that shaped this ‘new me.’
    My biggest returns were: (1) a shift away from managerial thinking to leadership thinking and (2) confirmation from others that my performance had changed significantly. On a recent 360 review I was rated ‘exceeds expectations’ in multiple categories. That level of evaluation was new for me. Either my boss suddenly became an easy grader or my performance had reached new levels. I prefer to believe it was the latter.”
    — Linda M., Senior Associate, Consulting Firm serving Fortune 500
  • “I have worked with Jody for the past two years and can provide my highest recommendation.  Jody brings a fresh perspective to the workings of my business and in particular, my effectiveness as a leader.   She asks the tough questions and enables me to make an honest assessment of my strengths and weaknesses.   Her focus on pragmatic, results-oriented coaching has enabled me to take my business to the next level.”
    — Steve Dillinger, Partner, Cornerstone Trading