Team Coaching

Every organization should be of envious of high-functioning teams that consistently meet and exceed organizational expectations.

Our team coaching process is designed to deliver you that impact.

We coach to increase personal performance, align daily behaviors with organizational goals, deepen trust and embrace accountability. Organizations are delighted. They can now focus on processes and strategies and leave the harnessing and leveraging of their greatest asset, people, to us.

In addition to our individual and team coaching methodologies,
we may employ assessments, instruments, surveys, performance appraisals, and informational interviews to gather data, and establish metrics for measurement.

Coaching sessions, assessments and workshops are offered in-person and on-site to develop individual and team accountability, trust and courage.

First, we look to understand team and organizational culture.
Then we discern the gaps between present and desired performance, identify the systemic issues hidden in the concerns presented and determine the appropriate measurement process.

We clarify team purpose, roles, responsibilities, stage of development and assess the effectiveness of team communication, processes and leadership. We then have requisite data to apply appropriate strategies, approaches and applications to address the challenges at hand.

  • “Despite our best intentions, we were a team that did not execute well. Consistently, we were unable to deliver on time, got weighed down in ‘to-do’s’ and created a state of overwhelm.
    Then we learned. We learned how to have fewer and shorter meetings. We learned how to be accountable and hold other members accountable. We learned to be comfortable with dissention and having difficult conversations. Finally, after our work with Jody Michael Associates we realized that we had learned to think, process and speak differently. Simple distinctions had made all the difference in the world. We’ve performed at a level that was not only new to us but was unimaginable just a few weeks earlier.”
    — Steve Gannon, Project leader, Information Technology
  • “Jody Michael worked with our team on how to communicate more effectively to achieve better results. We realized how incomplete our prior conversations were within our team. Her techniques helped us to identify the areas where we could improve our communication and how to manage those conversations to gain positive outcomes. We have learned to communicate better with each other, as well as with external stakeholders and clients. Working with Jody Michael Associates ultimately helped us to individually and collectively bring our team’s performance to a much higher level.”
    — Tim Rowan, Senior Software Engineer, FT Options