Executive Coaching

Our coaching services deliver measurable business results.
We coach leaders to lead more powerfully, managers to manage more effectively and executives to build their emotional intelligence.

In doing so, we proactively build your company’s bench strength.

So whether you are seeking to improve an executive’s performance, facilitate talent development of high potentials or are looking to more effectively deliver on business objectives and bottom-line organizational results—we encourage you to consider executive coaching.

We have a proven track record of increasing leader, team and organizational performance through a wide variety of applications. They include assessment and assumption challenging, change technology, 360 debriefing, gap analysis, interpretation, insight and development, systems theory and ontological philosophy.

Our intention is that you exponentially increase the trajectory of your success.

We gather data, use assessment tools, set new performance standards and coach from multiple approaches to challenge your current beliefs, assumptions, perspectives, moods and attitudes. Throughout, metrics are used to measure performance and increase accountability.

We keep business results and human processes linked, move conversations from the global to the specific and are able to support as well as challenge our clients. Our coaching impacts both client and organization.

  • “As a senior executive working for a global organization I sought out Jody because I wanted to enhance several aspects of my professional life. Our work together has been extremely rewarding on multiple fronts and the results – have completely exceeded all my expectations.
    Jody is an experienced coach with all appropriate certifications and tools in her tool kit but I think what I have found to be most useful is her vast array of corporate and leadership experience from which she can draw. For me it was helpful that I did not have to spend a lot of extra time explaining background on various situations, political dynamics, organizational issues etc. because she got it and she got it very quickly. This allowed us to get right to the high-value conversations.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jody and am pleased to provide her with my highest recommendation for both corporate engagements and one-on-one executive coaching.”
    — Mary Shea, Chief Commercial Officer, Frontier Strategy Group
  • “I interviewed many people before choosing to work with Jody Michael.  Her own personal style is direct and constructive, and her toolset is unique and comprehensive.  This combination makes her a great choice for someone who wants to reshape their role in their existing position or to re-imagine their future.”
    — Martha Gilmore, Vice President, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • “Our work has been an eye-opening experience. And, it has made a huge difference in my approach and therefore success at work and within life overall.”
    — Heather Collins, Director of Marketing, Sara Lee Corporation
  • “Up front Jody focused on getting to know the professional environment in which I am immersed daily, as well as me personally. We then engaged in a coaching process that was transformational. Remarkable results, personal satisfaction, and a sense of harmony followed in an effortless manner.”
    — Frank Pacholec, Vice President, Stepan Company
  • “Jody brings an amazing combination of intellect, insight, empathy, corporate savvy, objectivity, and philosophy to the table. So she is able not only to help people identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, but also provides tools for them to achieve the next level. And all this with a view to sustainable real change – not a temporary crutch, but an integrated approach to bringing forth your source of greatest energy.”
    — Betsy Perdue, Corporate Lawyer, Morgan Lewis