Career Coaching

If you are frustrated trying to figure out the answer to “What do I want to be when I grow up?” You are not alone. It is the most common career issue we consistently deal with. It’s also our specialty.

Helping you discover your career is not all we do. We help you manage it too. We also offer: career transition coaching, outstanding resume rewrites, comprehensive interview coaching and effective approaches to hatch corporate escape plans, help jump-start stalled careers, launch new entrepreneurial endeavors, retirement coach and navigate political landmines.

Career Discovery

For well over a decade, we have been using a comprehensive, individually customized, proprietary career discovery process that delivers you to the answer. It will not only help you more effectively navigate the overwhelming maze of possibilities, it will bring you to ‘knowing.’ That’s our targeted focus. We want you to love what you do and do what you love.

Resume Rewrites

Our Harvard educated resume writer has been exclusively writing resumes for over 20 years. He also offers Jody Michael clients access to placement on the largest on-line, database service that matches headhunters with prospective clients.

Interview Coaching

Our comprehensive interview process includes simulated interviews, with or with out video recording, verbal and non-verbal skills analysis and presentation coaching. It helps ensure that you land the job once we get your foot in the door. We’re confident even if you are a skilled interviewer, just one interview coaching session with us will make a difference.

  • CAREER DISCOVERY: How do I discover the right career path for me?
  • CAREER TRANSITION: How do I make a successful transition to a better-fit job?
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE: How do I create more balance and less stress in my life?
  • CAREER ROADMAP: How do I design a five-year career road map with goals and action steps?
  • RESUMÉ/INTERVIEW: Am I presenting myself most effectively?
  • MAVERICKS & HIGH ACHIEVERS: What am I not seeing about myself?
  • COLLEGE STUDENTS: How do I land the job I want?
  • NEW MANAGERS: How do I shift from doing to managing?
  • STAY-AT-HOME-MOM: How do I get back in the workforce?
  • “Perhaps, accountants wake up one day and realize they can’t add any more. I don’t know. I do know that I woke up one day and I couldn’t write. This sounds silly. Yet, the inability to create professional articles and stories can be unbearable. When I started working with Jody Michael, I had barely written in two years. In a short time, Ms. Michael had me writing into the night with new focus. A few months later, I sold my first professional piece…She leads you to achieve what you believed was impossible. This process can be difficult, but the reward is beautiful.”
    — Zackary A. Prince, Paralegal/Writer
  • “You know the drill of the overachieving type—honors in high school, college, and business school, a ‘successful’ work history—but I wasn’t really happy. After working with Jody, I realized that what I wanted to do was switch from being a consultant to working in ministry. It has been a great move! Jody helped me reframe some of my thought patterns and freed me up. She has a pragmatic approach that really helped a gear-spinner like me to stop spinning and proactively move forward. I’ve already recommended her to three friends.
    Coaching has gotten very trendy and there are lots of people hanging a shingle that may not be that strong. But Jody’s the real deal.”
    — Katie B., Minister
  • “Two weeks into my coaching sessions with Jody, I was asked to interview for a marketing position I had recently applied for. In my next meeting with Jody, she suggested we do a ‘mock-interview’ since I had very little interviewing experience.
    I think I was the perfect example of how NOT to get the job, given how nervous and unconfident I was in answering Jody’s questions. After we finished the exercise, Jody went over my strengths and weaknesses, and helped me develop solid, confident responses to replace my ‘ummms, ahhhs, and uhhhs.’ She also taught me some simple yet highly effective tricks to help calm my frazzled nerves.
    The real interview was four days after my mock interview with Jody, and the difference between the two was monumental! Not only did I act and feel confident in my responses (a victory in itself!), I was offered the job on the spot. The whole experience gave me priceless knowledge that I will be able to use even long after I’ve nailed the interview.”
    —Paige Reynolds, Professional Water ski champion, Marketing
  • “Jody is smart, experienced, warm, and brings wonderful energy to each session.  She is genuinely interested in me and has gone above and beyond the call in her coaching.  She helped me realize that I was stuck in my old job and has held my hand through the process of finding the right fit in the next one, celebrating my successes with me, helping me to avoid pitfalls, coaching me in negotiation skills, and cheerleading all the way.  She has had meaningful guidance to offer not only for my work life but also for my family life.  I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life!”
    — Susy Cheston, Senior Vice President, Policy
  • “Jody’s experience, insight and intelligence helped me refocus and redirect my career. I now own my own business and absolutely love it! I could not have done this without her.”
    — Suzanne Donovan, Owner, Donovan & Associates