Executive Coaching

Ambitious, growth-driven individuals who aspire to aggressively move up the corporate ladder often hire their own executive coach. Their interest in acquiring new awareness about themselves and adding more tools to their toolbox help drive their performance to the next level.

Whether you seek to improve managerial effectiveness, increase emotional intelligence, discern corporate dynamics, resolve issues of unbalance, stress and overwhelm or hone observational skills to help you navigate complex power dynamics, our executive coaching can make a difference.

Our intention is that you exponentially increase the trajectory of your success.

We gather data, use assessment tools, set new performance standards and coach from multiple approaches to challenge your current beliefs, assumptions, perspectives, moods and attitudes. Throughout, metrics are used to measure performance and increase accountability.

Our coaches have successful senior-level corporate experience and experience coaching some of the highest-level C-level executives in the country.

  • Leading: How do I identify and then develop key executive leadership skills and capabilities?
  • Performance: How can I consistently meet and exceed the standards expected by the company I work for?
  • Work-life balance: How do I create more balance and less stress in my life?
  • Emotional Intelligence: How do I build my emotional intelligence so that it becomes a personal strength instead of an area of development? How do I improve my relationships at work and on teams?
  • Vision, big picture thinking: How do I develop the right lens for senior level leadership?
  • Identifying roadblocks: How can I be more effective at identifying roadblocks that impede personal, team and organizational progress?
  • Mavericks: What am I blind to that will propel me forward even faster within the organization? How can I stay challenged while waiting for the next promotion?
  • Promoted employees: How do I master the new career skill-sets I now need?
  • Next level advancement: How do I take my division or department to the next level?
  • Execution: Why am I (or my team) failing when it comes to execution of strategy?
  • 360 Reviews: How can I strengthen the performance areas that feedback said I was weak on?
  • Engagement: How do I authentically engage others around performance?
  • Accountability: Why do I repeatedly fail to deliver what I say I will deliver when I say I will deliver it?
  • New Managers: How do I shift from valuing being a producer to valuing coaching others to produce?
  • “I have found that the professional, personal and financial payoff for hiring an executive coach can be tremendous. I went from floundering and confused in my career, not knowing what I wanted to do professionally to choosing a career, excelling in that career, starting my own business, and being offered position of Chief Technology Officer. This happened in four short years. None of this would have been possible without career and executive coaching from Jody Michael. The work changed my life.”
    — Dustin Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, Eliason Media.
  • “Jody brings an amazing combination of intellect, insight, empathy, corporate savvy, objectivity, and philosophy to the table. So she is able not only to help people identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, but also provides tools for them to achieve the next level. And all this with a view to sustainable real change – not a temporary crutch, but an integrated approach to bringing forth your source of greatest energy.”
    — Betsy Perdue, Corporate Lawyer, Morgan Lewis
  • “Jody Michael helped me get back in touch with my true passions and ambitions. After spending 16 turbulent years at the VP-level in several Fortune 500 companies, I thought I had all the answers. Nevertheless, I decided to use Jody as my Executive Coach ‘to keep me honest’ during my next job search. Jody took me through a process of introspection and discovery tailored specifically to my needs. To my surprise, I came out the other end of this process with a much different, and much better, view of myself, my abilities, and the options available to me. Today, I’m much happier, healthier, and professionally fulfilled because Jody helped me listen to what my inner self has been telling me for a long time. I did the work, but Jody guided me through every step. I would heartily recommend her to anyone seeking to get themselves ‘back on track’ – whether personally or professionally.”
    — Mike M., Small Business Owner, former Fortune 500 VP
  • “Jody has an exceptional ability to produce results for her clients by helping them focus their attention on the most important issues of any given situation. The benefits that I have derived from our working relationship are immeasurable and I would recommend her without hesitation.”
    — Michael Izhaky, Founding Partner, FT Options