Life Coaching

If you landed on this page, you are probably at a place in your life where you are dissatisfied or in crisis. Closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be is what we most frequently target in our Life Coaching process.

Warning: This is an area in which we often over-deliver. Why? Instead of applying superficial, band-aid fixes, we focus on finding the core issue and the competing commitments that stand in the way. We help you get clear and focused, build a game plan and take effective action to achieve the results that will lead you to a more peaceful, authentic and purpose-driven life.

Our time-tested life coaching approach rests on four synergetic principles:

  1. Comprehensive assessment of the client and the client’s situation.
  2. Alignment of client goals, values and strategies.
  3. Customization of approaches and services to match a client’s unique needs.
  4. Focus on gap-analysis and achievement of measurable outcomes.
  • Drifting: Why can’t I seem to get my life together?
  • Unhappy: Why am I perpetually dissatisfied and unhappy in life and/or work?
  • Poor results: What’s in the way of my being effective at achieving my goals?
  • Self-esteem: How can I develop a healthier self-esteem?
  • Decision-making: How can I make better decisions quicker without second-guessing?
  • Focus on the past: How do I stop ruminating about the past?
  • Follow-through: Why don’t I ever seem to follow-through?
  • Fulfillment: What would a more meaningful life look like like?
  • Poor social skills: Why do I have trouble meeting new people and being in new social situations?
  • “I went from being a completely disorganized, overwhelmed, art school dropout, to a dean’s list medical student. Jody Michael is one of the most powerful agents of change I have ever met. I feel confident you too will feel the same.”
    — Elon Cameron, Licensed Acupuncturist
  • “Thanks to my work with Jody, I have changed the course of my life. From afar, everything may look the same, but up-close, the changes are titanic. I am extraordinarily grateful for her intelligence, wisdom, patience and passion.”
    — Jodi Eisenstadt, Principal, Eisen Alliance
  • “When we started, I thought I was seeing her to help me launch a business. It turned out to be so much more. She saw that patterns in my day-to-day life were obstacles to my success, and she had me address those first. It was both difficult and exciting. My family saw a difference immediately. Everyone benefitted. Then, I launched my mural & decorative painting business.
    Now I am a single parent & business owner. I work harder than I ever had before, but my life is more balanced. My business is growing, my children are thriving, and I have a satisfying personal life.”
    — Debbie Spertus, CEO, Signature Mural & Finish
  • “I have made many important adjustments in my life. My business is as stronger than it’s ever been. I ended a destructive relationship and began a new, fulfilling one as well. I find that I communicate my needs better and feel as though my word holds great meaning. I strongly believe that my time with Jody Michael was invaluable and one of the best choices I have ever made.”
    — Jamie (Damato) Migdal, CEO Animal Sense, CEO Chicago Area Pet Trainers Association
  • “Call it fate, destiny or the hand of God that lead me to Jody but it will go down as one of those life defining moments. Unlike most, Jody broke me down layer by layer, listened, and was able to point out qualities of me long forgotten. She provides reason and logic to an otherwise chaotic world.”
    — Jim Ristow, Marketing Manager, Harman International & Founder of The Fitness Buddy