Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
If that phrase speaks to you, then our workshops will too. They are designed to assist you in making the necessary shifts needed to create the life you want.

We offer two series of workshops: Life ToolBox and Life RoadMap. Both workshops address different, but necessary aspects of our comprehensive change process.

Our Life ToolBox workshop helps you uncover your current thinking, beliefs, attitudes and perspectives that support or sabotage your best change efforts. We use best practices from the latest, research-based change technology to facilitate moving you from internal exploration to actual change.

Our Life RoadMap workshop focusses you on creating your future. No more drifting aimlessly in life. We teach you a framework to design your life, declare your goals and achieve them, manage and measure your progress, structure accountability and create more balance in your life.

Your current life is simply a reflection and a result of your thinking, feelings and actions. If you are not happy with some aspect of your life, take a moment and reflect upon your current thinking, feelings and actions…something needs to shift.

Our workshops address each of these areas to help you create the lasting change you are looking for.

  • “Throughout Jody Michael’s workshop Life RoadMap I kept thinking, I wish I had gotten this information 20 years ago! If I had, I believe that my life would be a lot different.”
    — Linda Romanowski, Nurse
  • “At the core, this workshop will leave you with this: Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are in charge of one major ‘art project’ this lifetime: creating yourself. Be prepared to ask yourself questions you have never asked, look at things you normally wouldn’t and get lots of research data to support the change processes offered. Impactful. I would highly recommend this workshop.”
    — Catherine Brockman, MBA Graduate student
  • “I highly recommend the Life ToolBox and Life RoadMap workshops. I cannot imagine a person who would walk away from this ‘Owner’s Manual for Living Successfully’ (that’s what I would name the workshops) without some new thoughts, tools or strategies that, if applied, would make a huge difference in their life. While Jody can’t go home with you, her processes and tools can. They are simple and powerful and effective.”
    — Peggy Dolan, Project Manager, Health Care Services
  • “Thank you for a workshop that connected me to what I am doing that has not been working in my life. I have been sabotaging myself for years and I was completely unaware. I have been spinning my wheels for years not knowing how to get off that treadmill. For the first time in my life, I feel clear and hopeful about my future and the actions necessary to create it.”
    — Michael S., Corporate Copy Writer