Trader Coaching

We focus on the mental game of trading to enhance trading performance, perspective and profitability. We accomplish this in individual weekly coaching sessions.

We combine trader psychology, cutting-edge research in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral strategies, coaching and other eclectic approaches to help you reach your potential.

We have traded ourselves and have worked with, educated, hired, trained and developed traders for over 27 years. Most importantly, we’ve got the credentials, competence and experience in personal transformation, psychology and coaching to impact behavioral change.

We design individualized learning experiences to develop you as a trader. We combine assessments, tactics, mechanics, workshops and strategy with psychology and self-awareness processes.

We will take you outside your comfort zone, challenge your thinking, beliefs, perceptions and paradigms, help you find your blind spots, and coach you to understand and overcome your current challenges.

For those traders seeking a career change, our proprietary Career Matrix Model will expedite the often times baffling process of determining ‘what’s next’ in terms of career fit and career discovery.

  • Making Money: Why can’t I seem to turn the corner and make money?
  • Repetitive Habits: How do I stop my pattern of overtrading?
  • Consistency: Why can’t I trade consistently?
  • Psychology: How do my own psychological traits factor in and affect my trading? What are my psychological blind spots?
  • Emotions: Why do fear and greed seem to dominate me emotionally once I put a trade on?
  • Losing Money: Why do I always seem to give back the money I make?
  • Blind Spot: What am I not seeing and consequently, not doing that would make me a better trader?
  • Mood: How can I better manage my mood and my emotions during my trading, so that my emotions don’t impact my bottom-line?
  • Discipline: How can I be more consistent when I trade? How can I stop my tendency to swing for the fence and hit the home run?
  • “I read all the psychological trading books. I re-read them. It was frustrating. I couldn’t put into practice what the books were telling me to do. That’s what prompted me to get coaching.
    Having someone I can meet with, and be accountable to for the things I am working on, has made a noticeable difference. Each week I work on very specific things. Observe, adjust, execute. Our sessions are used as a critical review. What am I working on now? How did I do? What do I need to work on now? Very, very valuable stuff.”
    — Kevin D., Independent Nasdaq / E-Mini Trader
  • “Our work together led me to personal decisions I once lacked the courage to make on my own. I am much happier as a result, and look forward to a fulfilling career helping others. Jody allowed me to view myself in a different light.”
    — Guy Caprio, Former floor/upstairs trader, post graduate degree candidate
  • “Results. That’s why I showed up in her office and that’s what she delivered. I can think of three things specifically that resulted in me being able to take my trading to the next level.
    1. I am more aware. Yes, I know this sounds strange but being aware of myself, my quirks and my thinking have made all the difference in the world.
    2. I have virtually eliminated negative patterns that have existed since I started trading. They are: overtrading and undisciplined, sloppy thinking.
    3. I have tools that help me everyday. They keep me accountable and maintain my good habits.
    I would recommend Jody to anyone who is willing to make a committed effort to becoming a better trader through mental practices.”
    — Jeff M., Electronic S&P trader
  • “I was embarrassed to tell anyone I saw a ‘coach.’ I was embarrassed that I could not figure this out on my own. I was embarrassed to tell my story when I finally did show up in her office. Now, I’m embarrassed that I waited so long to hire a trader coach! Jody saved me money, unnecessary pain, frustration, and sleepless nights.
    For me, this process was more than trader coaching. Jody was the stimulus that ignited within me a focused direction, intentionality and a deep sense of peace that I had never experienced before in my life or my work. That’s just the side dish. The main dish of our work was successfully overcoming my core trading issue: scattered, emotion-based, inconsistent trading. I would recommend Jody without reservation and I have.”
    — Alex J., 8 year Index Trader